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We make technology fun, inclusive, and accessible to all those who need it.
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ECIR Labs is an inclusive research community that comprises people from various backgrounds.

Technology is only for the genius geeks. If you are not from one of the prestigious engineering schools, you cannot be a part of it. You need to be in Silicon Valley to be relevant. You need to be good at math to be a programmer. You need expensive gadgets to be a deep learning researcher...Or is it?

Our mission is to help people overcome the above myths.

Rachel Thomas
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard & Rachel Thomas

Founding Researchers at

"Being cool is about being exclusive, and that’s the opposite of what we want. We want to make deep learning as accessible as possible"

Inspired by's mission to make deep learning accessible, ECIR Labs provides resources to make technology more accessible. We provide the tools, data, education, career guidance, and more to help people get started. Sure, it won't be perfect, but we will keep improving to better help you. Maybe even you can later contribute, too!

ECIR Labs conduct researches to provide the resources you need.

What's in the Roadmap

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Image URL List Viewer (Beta Release)
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Image URL List Viewer (Beta Release)

2021 Q4

As image researchers browse to find image sources, they often come across files that have a list of image URLs. But oh no, how do I preview the dataset before downloading them? Simply copy paste random URLs on the browser?. Our mini-solution is to create an image viewer that converts a file containg a list of URLs into viewable thumbnails.

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Self-Sustained Researcher Community - #1
Image Credit: ECIR Labs
Self-Sustained Researcher Community - #1

2022 Q1

We at ECIR Labs strive to find means to set brilliant researchers free from financial restrictions. That's the very reason why we provide research tools and help researchers host their projects on our platform. But we understand that our solutions aren't that helpful because things often boil down to money problems. So we've ideated on a few ways to help our community better, and first up on the test-bed is our community's self-sustained ECIR Token.

WEmage Net
Image Credit: Jorge Rodríguez Araújo & ImageNet
WEmage Net

2022 Q2

There are A LOT of images online for researchers to download. But they are all scattered around, and how might we centralize them? Also, how do we ensure those images are ethically created? Our mini-solution is to create our own image net platform where people can crowdsource, filter, and discuss images in a safe environment. Hence, the name We-mage Net.

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