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Democratize & Transparentize Research Projects

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200,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 Tokens Supplied

Current Sale Stage: Private-Sale (Each ECIR is worth 0.0001 ETH)

Janghoon Lee
David Janghoon Lee

Chair & Desk of ECIR Labs

"In every country, I see researchers struggle to have their brilliant projects funded while the unqualified ones take advantage of their research funds."

#1 - ECIR Token is a means to source funds for your research projects.

You do not have to be a part of the prestigious schools to have your ideas be financially supported. Simply create a request for funding, and the ECIR Labs community will fund your project with ECIR Token upon successful review. As the community grows, your chances of being funded will increase exponentially.

#2 - ECIR Token is a means to invest in promising research projects.

Never worry about how your funds are being spent. ECIR Token and its subsequent smart contracts allow transparent management of the spending by requiring your fund recipients to get approval from the funders. Having the researchers publicly share the what, who, why, and how of the spending nudges them to be wise with their expenses.

#3 - ECIR Token is a means to trade research assets with appropriate rewards.

Sharing academic data, code, and other things is fun on its own. But being compensated for the hard work is even better and helps keep up the motivation. That said, ECIR Token creates an economy where researchers trade and purchase research assets. As the community grows, more researchers will be rewarded with more compensation.

Contributors & Team

Meet the key contributors at ECIR Labs. They are are the driving forces of ECIR Labs in various aspects ranging from financial support to mental support.
Alexander Bricken
Alexander Bricken

Head of Branch - United States

Alexander Wu
Alexander Wu

Head of Branch - Canada

Ba Thien Tran
Ba Thien Tran

Head of Branch - Germany

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